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About us

Vilution adopts and complies with customer needs as its prime guideline to ensure long term client satisfaction.

Our vision is to be one of the contributors, alongside governmental organisations and civil society actors, for building better communities.

Our mission is to establish a strong commitment to our clients by providing them with the most suitable expertise and solutions.

We offer Corporate Development Consultancy to provide a complete roadmap to run your business effectively, including company strategy, marketing and communications support and analysis services compliant with international standards.


Vilution provide innovative Electronic Warfare and Electronic Counter Measure solutions to Police, Coastal Guard, Border Control and Defence agencies.

Our experts strive to:
✔ Identify key requirements
✔ Define specifications
✔ Design practical solutions
✔ Source reliable equipment
✔ Deliver customised training to meet operational demands


Before we can send you the requested information, we need to verify the details supplied to us. This filter is necessary to protect law enforcement agents and military personnel whose safety may rely on Vilution equipment. Please only input data into this form if you agree with our privacy policy. We will take any input as consent to store and transmit your data to us.

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